Our history

The Young Leaders Circle (YLC) was created to bring together young leaders who share a common passion for international affairs to participate in discussions on current and future international challenges, policies and issues.

This group is supported by the International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA) and the Montreal Centre for International Studies (CÉRIUM).

Today, our founders still believe that the YLC will continue to give its members exposure to the rest of the world for a long time to come and contribute to Canada’s international influence. Our mission is to immerse the YLC young leaders to issues and debates that concern them, while contributing to young leaders’ role in Canada and in the world.

  • Foundation of the YLC by Fabien Lanteri-Massa, Mathieu Rondeau, Olivier Bertin-Mahieux and Winston Chan

2017 - 2015


  • First delegation of Young Leaders from the Circle in the Miami IEFA Conference

  • Opening of the Young Leaders Circle of Paris by Alexis Fol, co-Founder and President



  • Opening of the Young Leaders Circle of Toronto by Arnaud Seigne, co-Founder and President



Olivier Bertin-Mahieux

Co-Founder of the YLC

« For me, it was important to have a group of young professionals enthusiastic about international affairs in Montreal. I am happy to see that the YLC is now active in 3 other major cities.»

Mathieu Rondeau

Co-Founder of the YLC (2014-2015)

« At the time, I felt that the IEFA lacked visibility among young people and produced very little content outside of the conference, an interesting opportunity for a group of motivated young leaders. I convinced the CÉRIUM to support us, which gave life to the current form of the YLC. »

Winston Chan

Co-Founder and co-President of the YLC (2015-2016)

« It’s impressive to see the number of renowned guests the YLC has received over the years. This group is clearly standing out thanks to the strength of its network. »

Amine Dabchy

Co-President (2015-2016)

« The YLC has been a great asset to me, both personally and professionally. I encourage young people enthusiastic about foreign affairs to join the YLC. »

Fabien Lanteri-Massa

Co-Founder and President of the YLC (2016-2017)

« Our vision was to create a network that would facilitate the understanding of geopolitical issues related to our professional careers and our daily lives, while preparing the next generation of leaders. »

Paul-Thomas Lacroix

President of the YLC (2017-2018)

« I can see that the YLC has evolved a lot over the last few years. The current new members are outstanding and I believe that the YLC will continue to strengthen its position as Canada’s benchmark for the next generation of leaders in international affairs and leadership. »

Meriem Idrissi

President of the YLC (2018-2020)

« The Circle is more than a group of young professionals in international affairs, it is a breeding ground for brainpower and a pole of intellectuals who go beyond geostrategic discussions. It is a connected, mobile and international network of dynamic young leaders who share a common desire to be part of the solutions that reflect fair, balanced, mixed, diverse, transparent and green governance.»

Marie-Hélène Lafond

President of the YLC (2020-2021)

« I wish to see a network of young professionals well established on the Montreal, Paris and Toronto scenes! I also hope that our meetings can provide the tools and knowledge necessary for young professionals to help them to navigate a changing world in the face of the climate threat on our generation. »